General Lakana Santé

The wisdom of the field

I have spent a large part of my time during the last three months in the field, in various parts of rural Mali, trying to ensure that CVD-Mali’s large-scale trials are able to get up and running.

I have also been working on our ongoing COVID-19 research projects and, of course, training and developing the skills of a whole host of field workers, whose expertise and knowledge are crucial to every one of these projects.

It has been a challenging time – there is so much to do and working in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic brings with it an array of problems beyond those we might ordinarily encounter. We have done all that we can to ensure that all our co-workers and study subjects are able to take part in CVD-Mali’s vital healthcare projects without compromising their own health.


Santé gets underway!

After many long months of preparation, CVD-Mali and the University of Maryland, Baltimore recently began a flagship study, Santé, in collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the government of the Republic of Mali.

During the week of 22 September 2020, the CVD-Mali team were in Koutiala to give the very first doses of the study medicine to mothers and their babies.

Thumbs up for the recipient of the very first dose of Santé study medicine!