CVD-Mali’s mission is to improve the lives of the Malian population through health research and interventions which enable people to lead healthier, longer and more fulfilling lives.

It is committed to carrying out research and to sharing the results of that research so that its benefits may be felt beyond Malian borders – in the wider West African region and anywhere else in the world which may benefit.

CVD-Mali focuses on research and interventions which develop primary health care, to pave the way towards Universal Health Coverage.

Based on its long experience in developing and distributing vaccines, the centre’s focus is on ensuring that first-rate scientific research results in concrete, on-the-ground treatment for those who need it most.

CVD-Mali’s core principles are based around strong technical capacity in epidemiologic surveillance, laboratory capability, field surveys and clinical trials.

Couple of black people embracing with a big smile in Bamako, Mali (Africa).


Since its inception, CVD-Mali has worked to improve the health of communities in Mali through clinical and operational research, informing public health decisions to save lives.

As a national organisation with a wealth of experience in working with international partners, both in West Africa and globally, it believes in building national and regional capacity to ensure that the health questions that affect the populations of Mali and its neighbouring countries can be answered most effectively by those who live and work in the region.

CVD-Mali has a strong and enduring relationship with its national government, which allows the institution to have a timely and telling influence on health policy.

CVD-Mali works on the principle that health research, implemented effectively, saves lives. Health research has a central role to play in improving people’s health when delivered through a national health system which seeks to extend the most comprehensive service possible to the greatest number of people.