CVD-Mali’s mission is to improve the lives of the Malian population through health research and interventions which enable people to lead healthier, longer and more fulfilling lives.

It is committed to carrying out research and to sharing the results of that research so that its benefits may be felt beyond Malian borders – in the wider West African region and anywhere else in the world which may benefit.

CVD-Mali focuses on research and interventions which develop primary health care, to pave the way towards Universal Health Coverage.

Based on its long experience in developing and distributing vaccines, the centre’s focus is on ensuring that first-rate scientific research results in concrete, on-the-ground treatment for those who need it most.

CVD-Mali’s core principles are based around strong technical capacity in epidemiologic surveillance, laboratory capability, field surveys and clinical trials.

collaboration to the fore

CVD-Mali prides itself on its excellent working relationships with partners both local and international – from multinational organisation to local community.

Over the last 20 years or so, we have worked continuously with the University of Maryland, Baltimore. The relationship between our two institutions is built on mutual trust, providing CVD-Baltimore with a base for its scientific studies in West Africa, and enabling CVD-Mali to develop its laboratory and research capabilities.  

CVD-Mali has proven experience of:

  • Researching and administering interventions
  • Building partnerships with international institutions
  • Project management coupled with scientific rigour
Ministry of Health, Republic of Mali

communITY engagement

Community engagement is at the heart of all CVD-Mali’s operations. Broad stakeholder engagement and input leads to collaborative and diverse partnerships which enable CVD-Mali to successfully translate research into policy and action.

CVD-Mali prides itself on its excellent relationships with communities the length and breadth of the country. It believes that well-informed, properly engaged and self-sensitised communities are best placed to adapt to and confront the challenges they face.

building capacity

Ongoing, long-term collaborations with The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and CVD-Baltimore are enabling CVD-Mali to build its capacity, to develop its laboratory and research capabilities, and to train more expert staff so that our institution can play a central role in healthcare research in the West African region. 

our expertise

Preparedness, Response to Emergencies and Epidemics

CVD-Mali coordinates and manages responses to disease outbreaks, epidemics and other public health emergencies. In March 2020, CVD-Mali Director, Professor Samba Sow, was appointed WHO Covid-19 Special Envoy for West Africa.

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Primary Health Care
& Universal Health Coverage

In March 2019, the Malian government announced a series of sweeping health-system reforms, developed during CVD-Mali Director Professor Samba Sow’s tenure as Minister of Health and Public Hygiene. CVD-Mali is working actively to ensure these reforms are implemented.

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CVD-Mali is committed to bringing about lasting change in Mali and the wider region. We are always keen to discuss future collaborations with partners both local and international.

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Vaccine Development

CVD-Mali’s work to quantify the burden of vaccine-preventable diseases has accelerated the introduction of many new vaccines into Mali. Our work focuses on translating research into public health actions, to save the lives of Malian infants and children..

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Contact us

Telephone: +223 20 23 60 31
Fax: +223 20 22 28 83

Our laboratory and offices are located in central Bamako, some 2.5km from the Malian Government's Cité Administrative complex.