Solidarity trial vaccines (STV)

This page contains general information about the Solidarity Trial Vaccines study, organised by WHO and administered in Mali by CVD-Mali.


Take part, make a difference !

COVID-19 has already caused the deaths of millions of people around the world. The disease has had a devastating and unprecedented impact on many millions more lives.

This is why the World Health Organization (WHO) is organising what may be the largest international trial of COVID-19 vaccines.

All of the vaccines in this trial have been reviewed by leading scientific experts after initial phases or studies that demonstrated their potential safety and efficacy.

Now the vaccines are being tested in much larger populations.

Why should I take part in this study?

Your participation in this trial will help us find out which vaccines could protect you, your loved ones and millions of people around the world against COVID-19.


The most promising vaccines, based on current data, will be tested in this study.

Other vaccines may be added during the course of the trial, depending on new evidence and expert recommendations.


How can I take part in the study?

In order to participate in this study you must be:

  • At least 16 years old.
  • Live in an area with a high rate of COVID-19 infection (a trial representative will check this when you participate).
  • You must NOT have been previously vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • You must NOT have had a previous positive COVID-19 diagnosis.


  • Read this leaflet and the other information provided. Write down and ask all your questions. A member of the trial team will be happy to answer them.
  • Sign a consent form confirming that you understand the purpose of the trial and that you agree to participate in an informed, free and voluntary manner.
  • Receive a trial vaccine or a comparator. The comparator can be either a substance that has no effect, such as water (a placebo), or a vaccine already licensed in Mali. In most cases, the administration of the product will take place in a “mobile” vaccination centre or in a hospital/health facility.
  • Be contacted regularly by researchers for them to assess your health status following your vaccination. Follow-up will be by physical and/or telephone contact over a period of 1 year.
  • If you develop symptoms consistent with COVID-19, such as a high temperature, persistent cough or loss of taste or smell, please contact the research team. You will be tested with a swab of your nose and mouth. The team will assist you if you need medical attention.

questions & contacTs

If you have any further questions about the Solidarity trial, or if you want to contact your local trial team, please click here.