STV questions And contacts

Here you will find answers to common questions about the Solidarity Trial Vaccines and key contact information for your local area.


All vaccines can produce side effects, mostly mild, in some people. You will find full details in the information sheet you receive with your consent form.

Yes, you can withdraw at any time, without giving a reason. All you have to do is talk to a member of the trial team.

The information collected will be confidentially and carefully stored by CVD-Mali and WHO and will not be shared with anyone outside the study team.

If you feel unwell at any time, please tell a member of the trial team.

It depends on the vaccine. Most require only one or two doses.

A handful of participants may need to have a blood sample taken before vaccination and then at different intervals after vaccination. This will help researchers understand a number of parameters, including how your body reacts to the vaccine. If you have any COVID-19-like symptoms, you will be tested.

contact details


Teleephone: +223 20 23 60 31

Local contacts:

DGSP: +223 20 22 64 97
DRS Bamako: +223 20 22 54 26
CSREF Kati: +223 21 27 20 40
CSREF Kita: +223 21 57 30 15
CSREF Koutiala
: +223 21 64 00 13
DRS Sikasso: +223 21 62 33 38

You can also find information on the Malian Ministry of Health and Social Development and WHO websites.