CVD-Mali’s Bio-informatics Department provides data management and statistical support for all the institution's research projects by developing in-house data systems as well as collaborating with external partners to support third-party data systems. The department also provides information technology and infrastructure support for all equipment deployed in research activities. Since 2005, the Bioinformatics Department has been conducting and managing a Demographic Surveillance System in two sites in Bamako (Djicoroni Para and Banconi). The DSS team has been involved in various epidemiological and clinical surveys during this period. The department's quality control and assurance unit liaises constantly with the internal monitoring team to ensure the compliance and integrity of data generated.

Uma U. Onwuchekwa

Head of CVD-Mali’s Bio-informatics Department, Uma U. Onwuchekwa has over 25 years’ experience in the field of informatics and data management, Mr. Onwuchekwa started out as an Information Technology Support officer with Mobil Oil Nigeria and, in 2001, joined the UK Medical Research Council Laboratories in the Gambia as Data Management Coordinator for the large scale Pneumococcal Vaccine Trial. Since joining the Centre for Vaccine Development in 2005, he has been involved in the data management of several studies including GEMS, PERCH, Maternal Influenza, VIDA, ABCD and CHAMPS. Over the last few years, he has been responsible for coordinating CVD-Mali’s on-going Demographic Surveillance System.